How I do I become more active in the NJCDCA?

Answer:  The best way to become more active is to first, become a member. Next, attend our general membership meetings. We are always in need of volunteers for our events, so please contact us.


If I have questions regarding any NJCDCA program who do I contact?

Answer:   On our website, under the ABOUT heading above, you can scroll down to CONTACT US. Here you will find a list of all the chair people for our programs/ events. Please don't hesitate to contact any one of us for information or clarification.




1.  Does my membership automatically register me for the state competition?
Answer:  No, you must register seperately for the State Competition (click to go to FORMS). There are two types of memberships, individual membership and team membership.  If you have a team membership your team will receive a discounted rate to the state competition (does not apply to second team registered from same school or non-member schools).  Having a team membership provides you and members of your team the opportunity to participate in NJCDCA events/programs such as Scholarship Program, All-State Team, Sportsmanship Award, Coaches Recognition Award and one reduced entry fee into the state competition.  All school and individual members receive the current National Federation Safety Guidelines Rule Book. 


2. What is the benefit of an individual membership?  Do I need both?
Answer: Individual Membership provides you with the opportunity to receive discounted rates for our Conferences and Clinics as well as voting privileges at General Membership Meetings and a National Federation of HS Spirit Rules Book. As an individual member, you also are eligible for a position on the Executive Committee, and other coaches recognition/ service awards. We do recommend both memberships, as they provide you as a coach and your athletes with different privileges and opportunities.


State Championships

1.  What happens if I do not participate in the mandatory coaches meeting for states?
Answer:  If any team does not have a coach or an adult representative for the team present (no students allowed) you will not be permitted to compete in the state championship. No Exceptions! There are two Mandatory Coaches which are scheduled for Wednesday, February 11th and Tuesday, February 17th, for all teams entering the school state cheer and dance competition.  These meetings are designed to answer any questions you have and provide you with your teams competition packet including warm-up times, performance times and wristbands for all participants.  There is NO coaches meeting the day of the event.  We suggest that you have a backup/ contingency plan because if any team does not have a coach or an adult representative for the team present (no students allowed) you will not be permitted to compete in the state championship. No Exceptions! If you have another coach representative pick up your packet you are still responsible for all information presented at this meeting.  Also, divisions cannot be changed once the first mandatory meeting takes place. The order of appearance will be posted on the website once both Coaches Meetings have taken place.


2. If there is a safety question regarding my routine, can I ask the safety judges at the event?

Answer:   No, you may not approach the Safety Judges the day of the competition. All safety questions must be sent to Pat DePalma by February 20th. It is important to remember that the legality of your routine depends on how it is performed the day of the event. The cheer state championships follows the National Federation Interscholastic Spirit Association rules and regulations, including the 2014-2015 revisions, with the exception of the use of a spring floor, and will be strictly enforced. A 5 point penalty will be deducted for each infraction including stepping off the mat and exceeding the time limit. Please visit


All Star state championships will follow USASF levels 1-6 All Star rules. A 5 point penalty will be assessed for each infraction. Please go to and click onto rules and levels; be advised that some rules have changed from last year.


3. Is there a limit to the number of dance divisions you can enter?

Answer:   No, you can enter as many divisions as you like.


4. Do I have the option of choosing a spring floor or a matted floor for my performance?

Answer:   Yes. NJCDCA will provide a matted warm-up /competition area and will give each team the option to choose to compete on either a carpet bonded matted floor or spring floor. (Both 54 x42)  Each school team coach must complete the Floor Selection Form. Please refer to the form for details.


5. Who has to complete the Floor selection form?

Answer: All School (Middle School, HS JV and HS Varsity) that follow the NFHS rues for our competition must fill out the Floor Selection Form and return it with your registration packet. 


6.  What are the divisions and awards for the All-Stars State Championships?

Answer:  All divisions will follow the USASF levels 1-6 and all-star rules will be in effect.  Please go to and click onto rules and levels. NJCDCA can combine “Small” and “Large” teams into one division when there are not at least 2 teams registered for each of these respective divisions.  Banners will ONLY be awarded to all Level 5 divisions. Team trophies awarded will be contingent upon the number of entries in each division. Medals will be awarded to the winners of the Tiny, Mini and the Youth divisions only.  


7. How are awards determined and Group winners determined?

Answer: Division awards are determined by the number of entries in each division. Awards (trophies) are given to 1/2 of the teams in each division. Groups are determined by a separate judging panel utilizing the same score sheet. 


All- State Team


1.  Can you be on the All-State Team and also win a NJCDCA Scholarship?

Answer:  Yes, as long as you meet the requirements for both applications and meet the deadlines, you can participate in both programs.






















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